Full Truck Load & Less Than Truck Load

Full Truck Load & Less Than Truck Load

No delivery is too large or too tiny at BoscoBoys. Our Logistics Freight Division provides services to clients requiring big shipments to be moved. We can deliver in Canada, cross-border and abroad LTL (Less Than Truckload), FTL (Full Truckload), LCL (Less Than Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load).

BoscoBoys offers the Full Truckload (FTL)–Door-to-door service to move a big quantity of cargo. Full Truckload (FTL) is an appropriate transportation alternative for freight shipments weighing between 10,000 pounds and 45,000 pounds or longer than 15 feet. Businesses that are transported in bulk with extremely precious or heavy goods usually involve FTL trucking services.

LTL shipping is small freight transport that doesn't fill a truck trailer in its entirety. You will only pay for the room you need in LTL shipping. The total cost of shipping is divided among all the shippers in the trailer who move freight. Usually, LTL shipments include between 1 and 6 pallets, crates, big parcels or other shipping units that do not fill the truck of a carrier. This technique can be used when weighing between 150 and 20,000 pounds of freight delivery. Freight rates less than the truck are determined by weight, size, class of freight, density, destination, and accessory fees.


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